Whole Grain Storage Box, Divided Grain Storage Tank

$25.99 USD

1. Petal-style flip design, easy to open and close, prevent peculiar smell, simple and beautiful design
2. There is a small space under each petal, single compartment, single opening, easy to take and no smell
3. Break the single storage, the partition is detachable to meet the storage needs of different families
4. It can hold more things than grains, and it can also be stored in the office to store scented tea, tea, and dry goods
5. The scale is clear, inventory and withdrawal are clear at a glance. Through the capacity mode, you can control the food inventory at any time
6. Humanized design, arc curve, fit the palm, not easy to slip off
7. Made of PP5 resin, safe and tasteless, thickened design, cold and heat resistant, durable

Product information:
Name: Petal Sealed Jar
Material: PP polypropylene, PE polyethylene
Environmental protection material/simple fashion/portable switch

Packing list:
Storage tank*1