Simple Laser Measuring Level

$26.99 USD

Product information:

Model: Laser LV02
Material: ABS plastic
Color: Beige
Product specification: L:160mm W:30mm H:60mm
Laser wavelength: 650nm-680nm
Power supply: AAA battery
Net weight: 150G
Accuracy: plus or minus 2 mm
The first function: The laser level can measure whether the plane is uneven or hanging pictures, etc., and the LV02 laser level can print a straight line
The second function: there is a level bead on the laser level, which can measure whether the level is level. The LV02 laser level has an additional water bead that measures an angle of 45 degrees.
The third function: a circle ruler is attached to the laser level. (2.5 meters, with an inch scale)
The fourth function: There is a scale on the edge of the LV02 laser level (15cm, 6 inches)

Packing list:

Laser measuring level *1