Roller Paint Brush Telescopic Rod Function Paint Roller

$23.99 USD

●Save time, money and a lot of traditional paint rollers. There is no preparation time, no licorice leaves, no tape to cover. Just dump and paint in a few minutes to bring any wall or surface to life.
● Make it a family affair! It is very simple to use, and even your child can help professionally paint on almost any surface. Get rid of the clutter and enjoy the fun of painting walls, decks, ceilings and furniture with the whole family. Use indoors and outdoors; or cover scratches and stains in a few seconds. It can change your entire family and increase its value at an unprecedented rate.
● Always apply a perfect, uniform coating-no other paint roller available can match the versatility or performance.
●Use the included superfine flocking trimming machine and corner cutter to quickly draw these tricky corners or switch exits and door frames. Install a broomstick or mop handle to extend the rollers and paint the ceiling for a small amount of time.

Product Information:

Product material: plastic: PP material
Brush: sponge + flocking,
Metal: Steel
Product specifications: 31.5*23*10CM
Color box: 142 grams
Color box specification: 22.5*10*31CM

Packing list

Wall paint set*1