Retro Nostalgic Industrial Style Wallpaper

$67.99 USD

1. Natural, environmentally friendly, using non-woven bottom paper, based on the original ecological quality brush) using superb craftsmanship, super anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance.
2. Three-layer non-woven fabric design, special moisture-proof and waterproof surface treatment, digital printing, smooth texture, visual and tactile experience.
3. Latex is not easy to fade and has no pungent odor.
4. Accurate control of quality, diverse styles and free choice.

Product information:
Style: retro style, industrial style, literary style
Material: PVC
Specification: width X length (0.53M*10M) soil 3%
Process: Printing
Maintenance: wipe gently
Pitch: 53CM
Suitable for scenes: bedroom, clothing store, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.
Accessories: non-self-adhesive wallpaper, no glue, need to be purchased separately

Packing list:
Wall sticker*1