Peony Wall Sticker

$11.99 USD

1. Make sure that the surface to be fastened is a smooth surface with bumps, overlaps and wrinkles. No stick
2. Choose the sticking position, clean up the floating dust and grease on the surface, and ensure the surface is dry and clean.
3. Make a simple plan according to the order of gluing. Of course, you can also do it yourself according to your own creativity.
4. Gently peel off the sticker directly from the backing paper without transferring the film. When pasting, paste the middle first, and then flatten it left and right. Pretty!
Uses: room decoration, bedroom decoration, wall decoration, living room decoration, children's room decoration, refrigerator decoration, door decoration, TV wall decoration, etc.

Product information:
Type: Peony Wall Sticker
Color: pink, white
Material: PVC material
Size: as shown

The package includes:
1 set of X peony wall stickers children's room home decoration wall stickers art wall