Cement putty paint mixer

$176.99 USD

Most important features:
-Ergonomic and durable mixer
-Heavy duty tool with powerful 850 rpm motor and 6 gears speed control
-Suitable for mid-viscosity liquids, including plaster, cement, mortar, glue, glue and paint
Power: 2100 W
-Rotating speed: 0-800 rpm
-Number of gears: 6
-Voltage: AC 220 V, 50 / 60Hz
- Stirring capacity: 300-500L
-Mengen rod length: 60mm
-Electric drill structure: type of gun
-Door clamping method: drill chuck
-Chunk diameter: 14mm
-Drill diameter: 16 mm
-Keep away from children when using.
- Wear protective gear when use.
-If the power cord is found to be damaged, you can stop the machine immediately.