Artificial Green Plant Ornaments Potted Ornaments Green Plants Fake Flower Ornaments

$42.99 USD

Product information
Color classification: [1 style] agave [2 style] 6 heads of fruit [3 style] cactus ball[4 style] fairy column [5 style] aloe B [6 style] fairy column with flower [7 style] aloe A [ 8 Styles] Gladiolus [9 Styles] Main Picture Set (6 Piece Set) [10 Styles] Matching Master's Preferred Combination A [11 Styles] Matching Master's Preferred Combination B [12 Styles] Maddening Special Promotion Combinations [13 Styles] MINI Floral Combinations G [14 style] potted plant B style [15 style] white safflower cactus [16 style] black safflower cactus [17 style] black potted snow lotus [18 style] black potted cactus [19 style] potted plant set (3 pieces) [20 Style] Potted plant set C (3 pieces) [21 Style] Potted plant set D (3 pieces)
Craft: semi-manual
Material; ceramic cup/touch glue/plastic
Style: Nordic simplicity

Packing list:

Agave 6 heads of fruit, prickly ball, fairy column aloe B, fairy column with flowered aloe A, gladiolus main picture set (6-piece set) Matchmaker's preferred combination A Matchmaker's preferred combination B White snow lotus? A pair of fresh price Alice combination 1 pair ?Most popular special combination black pot cactus mini flower arrangement G potted plant B white safflower cactus black safflower cactus black potted snow lotus black potted cactus potted set (3 pieces) potted set C (3 pieces) potted set D (3 pieces)