3 Piece Set Of Paint Brushes With Beech Wood Handle

$18.99 USD

Product Description:
Crayon brush set: including 1 board brush, 1 round tip brush and 1 round flat brush, they can coat those hard-to-reach surfaces, 3 types can meet your different needs
Durable material: The chalk brush is made of bristles, strong and flexible, which can make each stroke more precise, and is also very suitable for most paint colors and crayons; the handle is made of solid wood, ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear and easy to operate .
Leather lanyard design: Furniture wax brush is equipped with a leather lanyard, which helps you hang it after use, which is convenient for storage, and it dries quickly after washing. Great tools make life more convenient
Easy to use: paint and crayons are easy to use, you only need to apply a layer of paint or wax instead of repeated application, which saves your time and energy, saves the amount of paint, and the brush effect is better
Scope of application: Chalk furniture brush is suitable for most surfaces, such as furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, stages, interior decoration, walls, ceilings, etc. It is compatible with most paint and milk paints.

Product information:

Color: black + wood color
Material: Beech + Wild Boar Bristle
Size: pointed brush 17cm; round brush 15cm; flat brush 10cm
Name: Three-piece paint brush set

Packing list:

Flat brush*1
Pointed brush*1
Round brush*1